Once upon a Sardine...

Une Sardine à Rio is a French children clothing label from 0 to 6 years and sometimes more...
Sustainable clothing, sometimes in one size fits all that evolves with the child.

Our clothes have a story and a specific commitment. A story, born from travels and friendships in Brazil, France and elsewhere and the desire to give our children the best while respecting man and his environment.

We only use organic, fair trade and recycled materials and substances which have the least impact on the environment and we personally make sure that our production and manufacturing also respect the individual.
All our clothes are made in a small workshop in the south of France and in my own house for some pieces.
Our Brazilian collection is fair trade.

Our labels as our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and printed from ecological labeled printers.

The inks used for our photo-printed organic cotton satin are water-based and the screen prints that replace labels on our clothes are PVC free.

All our clothes are sent with a real lucky charm Brazilian bracelet.

Une Sardine à Rio is the desire to dress our kids with style and meaning.